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Rythmic game

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1.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
May 23, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


Artikul is the mutant son of Drox ...




10 months ago
great, but have trouble with loading samples in Reaktor 6
Mish An
5 years ago
you are a genius, sir!
johs clakre
8 years ago
noice one
year zero
8 years ago
sohrab motabar
9 years ago
Nice , Great Device
matthew walters
12 years ago
autechre-tastic. very useful tool which i keep dipping into when i want some rapid-fire rhythms m.w.
Ashley Marians
12 years ago
another hit from mr caraz, download them all
Dave O Mahony
13 years ago
WOW! In a good way :)
James McIntosh
13 years ago
love your ensembles. fantastic.
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
i love this ensemble! all your stuff is very fun, like an interactive song more than anything. great job.
Artur Nowak
14 years ago
After seing 1000+ Reaktor ensembles I'm impressed again :-) Very creative instrument!
Wajid Yaseen
14 years ago
really nice....crisp and precise
Der Einmeier
14 years ago
fantastic! we already felt in love with drox and this is the perfect addOn. it's so fun and nice to use and the rythmic results kick a** ;-)
julien caraz
14 years ago
thanks albert , movies are coming soon , it will be " The land of the Drox " :-)
albert casais
14 years ago
Wow. Nice little toy. Also, A very nice website you have. Do you direct horror movies? If you don't, You should!!!
Dieter Zobel
14 years ago
another nice toy for my collection. thanks
Tolga Uz
14 years ago
more like this please. this is excellent.
Kevin Hopper
14 years ago
Nice. Sounds a bit like Sowari's drum programming.