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analog/sample based snare-drum-synth

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
August 28, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower


the other part of the old "daholydrums"
ensemble + minor adjustments

snaps by kai lippert and me


Richard Haig
5 years ago
Great-sounding snare machine. Works well with v5.9 at time of writing.
12 years ago
Great flexibility, great snaps. Plenty of punch to my ears.
Sinisa Jagarinec
13 years ago
just usefull. a working machine
don fanning
14 years ago
Very useful, thankxs!
Joe Henson
15 years ago
Martin does another useful instrument. Lovely snares mate and just enough control Keep em comming Martin
Frank Kusserow
15 years ago
just pounding. 10. thx. sprow
Stefan Chowdhury
16 years ago
martin built a lot of very nice instruments, but - sorry - i can´t agree with the above mentioned comments regarding the snare machine. the snares are too noisy in my opinion, i´m missing the punches.
Al Watson
16 years ago
MATE! this is quite stunning! 9.9 out of ten!
Thomas Watson
16 years ago
What "phat" sounding snares! This deserves some special attention.