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sequenced synth and sampler & fx

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
June 16, 2003
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


sequenced synth and sequenced
sampler (monophonic sequencer and
polyphonic sound generators)
and effcts, radomizer, midi-transpose

needs a high screen resolution
and a fast cpu ;)

its a real monster ensemble,
but its easier to use than it looks...

idea: kay lippert
instruments: martin brinkmann
snaps/patterns: kay lippert,martin brinkmann

fixed version, works now properly with r4.


Angelo Yoto
7 years ago
a master piece !!
Simon Stockhausen
11 years ago
Complex Monster - Bravo!
matteo pinzan
12 years ago
guet frederic
12 years ago
nice presets
Dirk Radtke
15 years ago
absolute cool! thaNXx
Omar Sharan
15 years ago
cool instrument but my cpu couldn't handle it
Artur Nowak
16 years ago
Martin, don't read this. This is a pro ensemble. If this would be a stand alone exe application (do you have exe's on Mac? ;-) it could sell for money. We get it for free! Marin, if you have read it, thank you for all the inspiring ensembles and truly creative approach.
Christian Gabler
16 years ago
great Sequenzing opportunitis ! soundquality is a bit poor , but anyway if the computer is fast enough , i can imagine that it sounds much better with 44,1 KHZ !
kay lippert
16 years ago
i like it much as a tool to prepare complex patterns on my laptop when i'am on the way with lots of time... the midi transpose funktion makes the patterns very useful!