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simple looping delay

a simple looping delay line

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1.2 (Updated 16 years ago)
January 02, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


simple looping delay is, well, exactly what it says it is. its a simple to use, tempo locked loop capturer that uses a delay line as its audio record buffer. it is intentionally kept simple as it is just a basic building block of a much more complex ensemble based upon looping delays that i am working on. also, i may upload a more advanced single looper with FX and more parameters if the interest is there.

i have been using reaktor for just under 2 years, i have owned and registered R4 since april, yet this is my FIRST upload EVER. i have always felt my creations were either too bsaic, too buggy, or too wierd, but this one, while not the pinnacle of creativity, is actually rather useful, as well as a good ensemble for beginners to take apart, as the structure is fairly basic yet makes use of event logic as well as audio processes like customizing the standard filters, etc. i also tried to keep the structure rather tidy, and it is fairly well documented in the ensemble itself.

anyways, thanks for downloading my very first upload, promise the next will be a bit more exciting

-also, one last thing... all credits are given in the info, but just to give credit again where its due, the delay loop concept, as well as the custom multi-mode filter used are both more or less loosely based on ideas from the ensemble "scenario" in the R4 library (live machines), which is created by lazyfish.

there may also be a bug where no swound comes out until you play with a few of the filter controls after switching the looper on/off, and that when the looper is turned on the loop time is always the same amount regardless of where the knob is, just use a snapshot or twiddle the knobs a bit, willl add some snaps, etc, got to go to work now though...