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OttowMix 4m

Mini 4 mono channel audio mixer

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
October 02, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Other


mute, solo, HaasPan (delays either the right or the left audio signal to achieve stereo positioning, post fx only, high und lowpass filters.

No clicks, artifacts while moving/switching/ snapping - EVER!- Fast response (depending on your audio driver latency settings)

Problems to date: Hi CPU consumption (ca. 11 % on my T30 1.8 GHz Thinkpad), lacking Peak Eqs (I have built one with peak eqs, but due to the event inputs for boost and res...
I did not get very far in the core stuff at all, but if somebody out there can achieve the same click free quality, response and lower cpu with core stuff, Please let me know.

I claim OttowMix 4m is the best sounding mixer for Reaktor X. (disagree? please post, email, Thanks)

Included are ENS, ISM and a quick demo ENS.
NI: Incredible User Library, Thanks
The email address is NOT bigpond...


Phil Durrant
15 years ago
the demo ensemble is a supreme CPU hog...too much for my powerbook. but the mixer itself is GREAT!! this is worth downloading just for the Pan...which i will be borrowing ;-) also, i like the knobs and switches.
Christian Ottow
15 years ago
of course I have no idea where I found them ;)... thanks for the feedback!
hello programchild
15 years ago
I know these knobs, i know them! Where dude do I know them from...:)
Christian Ottow
15 years ago
At this stage, the event inputs of some built in macros are the problem. Simply 'cause I cannot connect them to the audio LP Filter. I tried to an A to E and I ended up with the same nasty zipps as usual. Planning on implementing audio recorders per track and master recorder, crossfader with colour coded source selection (ala exile style) a.m.m... Thanks for the vote!!!
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
in core, you can switch a cells inputs to eventmode in the properties, although it will use more cpu, as you already know...looking forward to trying this