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migrainestate A

interface study built around Martin Brinkmanns Grainstates

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1.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
October 23, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


it's not an improvement upon the original Grainstates,
and the interface isn't as useful as I thought, needs some changes in the concept - but you have to try these
things to know, - I'll post it as a basis for inspiration or discussion of interfaces or so

thanks to sw00g / Wierenga for inspirations btw - this actually started as a test for morphing oscillators.. ..


ian ainslie
3 days ago
Had this on my hard drive for years. Finally took the time to understand how to make this work. Fantastic tool! Belated thanks for the creation and sharing :)
Craig Bleasdale
4 years ago
Any tips online of how to use this thing? I'm a reaktor noob
chris scott
7 years ago
Truly gorgeous. Nice job, thanks.
Event Iter
9 years ago
Great , Thanks !
Franklyn Jones
9 years ago
Really cool. Really Useful. Thanks a lot.
shawn gilbert
11 years ago
Graham Lessard
11 years ago
wow. this is just what I've been looking for. thanks a million! PS I'm not very good at tracing the signal flow - can someone tell me where can I find the grain size and position in the structure so that I can use my controller to affect them?
Artur Nowak
11 years ago
BEAUTIFULL! And usefull! Thank you!
b 236
12 years ago
amazing interface and superb instrument
Florian Emsmann
13 years ago
geiles Instrument, womit man tolle Athmosphäre erschaffen kann. Habe aber keinen blassen Schimmer wie man das Teil bedient!!! Gruß flo
Pezerat Gilles
13 years ago
Raphael Marc Bravo. I like it. I've just some problems with long sample. It creates overload with CPU and is it possible to create different transition between the nine parts? Thanks.
michael huckaby
13 years ago
classic. i love this. one of my favorite downloads ! mike huckaby - detroit
Jean Louis Hargous
13 years ago
estupendo thanks to donald avera: click on the waveform
Aaron Zimmermann
13 years ago
Wow! this really pushes the envelope! thanks.
Donald Avera
13 years ago
Love this thing. Probably my inexperience, but I haven't figured out how to load my own sample loops into the interface yet. Any suggestions?
Dieter Zobel
13 years ago
much to learn from this
Jamie Cresswell
13 years ago
I really like this, thanks very much. Its very inspring to work with. I think I'm understanding most of it. Cheers
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
utterly fantastic, as always!
gabriel mulzer
13 years ago
horizontal == grain size, vertical == step duration in the sequenzer for less cpu consumption, and a better sound, I recommend the reaktor 3 version of Grainstates that also has a filter sequenzer which is missing in the R4 version I had more than 8 steps before, but the interface gets too messy to edit, I think the steps should be ordered from top to bottom in their sequencing order rather than by their transpose parts of the cpu consumption are due to a too high number of grains, btw, this is also better in the original
Peter Dines
13 years ago
Wooooooow! Super! Thank you!
Don Dailey
13 years ago
A very interestingensemble! I got lost in it for about an hour then started putting in some of my own samples and it got REALLY interesting. A couple of ideas/suggestions: how about a randomizer? ... more than 8 steps (that's all I can get anyway) ... I'm still a little confused about the difference between the length of the vertical bar (duration) and the length (horizontally) of the shaded area ? Anyway, nice job, love this interface. Wish I had a little more cpu power. It's a bit sluggish for me.
GG.G SakabeaT
13 years ago
brillant!!! and easier to use than the originai again,brilliant!!
13 years ago
sehr spannend!
Christian Ottow
13 years ago
G E I L! AWESOME work! I wish I could program such inspiring interfaces. : )
13 years ago
ned Bouhalassa
13 years ago
Rainer Brock
13 years ago
amazing interface :)