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Orange synth

Tailor-made wellengeber oscillator

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1.3 (Updated 13 years ago)
March 10, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


Hi there !

Introducing orange, an additive synthetizer based on the exellent wellengeber oscillators.

the synth is very easy to program & you'll find some usefull help inside the enssemble.

there is some bugs !

-amplitude destination in the modulation routing does'nt work, i don't know why !

Suggestions are welcome !

have a nice week-end


100% reaktor music to :


Scott Johnson
9 years ago
5 stars
Gus Weate
11 years ago
great synth, would there be a way to make waveform changes in real-time, i realise this would be heavy cpu wise, but that doesnt concern me. Just want to know if it would be do-able. cheers for the nice synth.
Georg Fries
13 years ago
I had liked this as I downloaded it, then my harddrive was full (yes, some people still have not the biggest hard drives:-))). Dl it again, this is nice. Thank you!
13 years ago
Can't vote twice!
Charles Capsis IV
13 years ago
nicely laid out.
Maarten Versteegh
13 years ago
Very cool synth. Fun to play with the waves. Thank you.
Dominique ALORI
13 years ago
mate, for your 1st synth posted to the library, I must say you passed it !!!
gabriel mulzer
13 years ago
glad to see this in use finally, somehow I never could make up my mind to built a complete synth from it myself ..
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
santoni - im glad you released this, you already know that i like it! (this is kid_sputnik, in case yiou didnt know). i agree with jo, that its good to see somebody using the wellengeber osc design, rather than another NI made 3-wave osc thing. really interesting, and the GUI is top notch, i think having a synth like this that is made up of parts from other synths really shines more when it has an inspiring interface that makes the user not jsut feel like they are playing some sort of haphazardly thrown together mess, but rather an interesting experiment and idea by a rather inspired and talanted beginner. bravo!
Stephan Becker
13 years ago
Very nice!
santoni pascal
13 years ago
Please vote !! lol
Jo Oheim
13 years ago
@Phil - It doesn't sound right though. @Herwig - poly mode is poly over here. However, the mono mode doesn't allow for trills - a new note cuts off the previous. All in all, a very nice assembly! I do like the way the GUI is laid out. This really deserves to be discussed / improved (speaking of the mono mode and the event loops Herwig mentioned). Thanks a lot for this - finally someone making good use of Gabriel Mulzers Wellengeber!!
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
on "The Thing" preset, i just routed the LFO to Amp. and it seemed to work? thanks for sharing this :-)
santoni pascal
13 years ago
i forgot to said that i'm not an actual builder i'm just an assembler ! there is many thing that i don't understand so if you can help me for all technical things, maybe we can use the forum ? ëthum ....:)
13 years ago
There are unneccessary event loops at the OKI sequencers buttons (not your failure but NIs). The display of Wellengeber is nice. I will test it next days more.
13 years ago
Hmm - poly mode is only mono?