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performance-based loop sampler

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1.0 (Updated 15 years ago)
April 02, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


a-live is a 6-channel, non-quantized, performance-based sampler. it is granular (resynth), and thus allows pretty radical transformations of the sound.

as stated above, this ensemble is NOT quantized. it is not meant to be used for strict beat-loop sequencing. the channels can be re-triggered to allow them to try to sync up, but they will still lose sync eventually. it is set up more like the way a DJ works, in that you have to make sure yourself that the samplers are in sync and time. the real fun of this is more when you are trying to make more loose/open sounding performances, similar to david morris' jambient series.

note that, while the master clock is not used in this version, the master tempo IS used, to set the base size of the grains. for this to work best, i suggest turning on "phase align grains" in the sample mapper.

for instructions on use, read the tooltips (which are used extensively, start with the instrument's titlebar). note that the bottom section is a stacked macro, which opens up the channel's controls when the channel is triggered (or, by right-clicking the trigger button, which will not retrigger the sampler).

this is not a very complex instrument, and took me relatively short amount of time to complete, and i don't consider it one of my best works. as usual, i want to move on to something else, so i am posting this now, as is. in the future id like to make a quantized version, but that will take alot more work.

please feel free to send any questions or comments to my e-mail address : kid_sputnik yahoo com.

thank you for trying this out, and have a great day!


Ingo Sprenger
15 years ago
Yepp, a little bit like DJing. FUNtastic. Thanx!!
Dieter Zobel
15 years ago
nice with non percussive material
daniel battaglia
15 years ago
thanks folks! phil, i banged it out so fast, i didnt even have time to show it to you first...
Phil Durrant
15 years ago
daniel, this is wonderful!!
Nils Quak
15 years ago
hey daniel. once again. this is a really great ensemble you built here. great idea. and I#m sure this will find it'S way to my live setup.
Peter Dines
15 years ago
I like this one a lot. It's perfectly usable as it is, and relatively straightforward so us mere mortals can figure out what you're doing and modify it. Nice use of polyphony.