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nano tubes

2 nice and interesting waveshaping algorithms

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1.2 (Updated 13 years ago)
October 15, 2005
Reaktor 5 or lower


changes in v1.3 :
Braun : variable Burst amount, new Symmetry parameter
ÜberSat : minor algorithm change / fix


ian ainslie
11 years ago
These are just great for adding a bit of crunch, just where you need it - and with minimal fuss.
Rick Scott
13 years ago
yummy. :-)
cristian vogel
13 years ago
thx g! the magic dust i have been looking for to spice up my snares! amazing...
das wesen
13 years ago
very nice, thank you!
Andreas Fichtner
14 years ago
wonderful distortion.
Al Watson
14 years ago
these are really VERY good! really usefull for adding a bit of crunch to drums! thanks for sharing - great stuff!
Jo Oheim
14 years ago
gabriel mulzer
14 years ago
around 2 ?? - this behaviour is indeed intended... the curve saturates, then oversaturates, and then : burst-clips ! so to say.. but I've added a version without the "brztsd" -
Jo Oheim
14 years ago
Very nice sounding shapers! One question - the Braun Tube has a setting (around 2) at which the character changes drastically - is that intended? Thanks, Gabriel - extremely useful!!