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Auto Loop Breaker

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1.1 (Updated 13 years ago)
September 24, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


Tweeked the panel a bit.
All new snaps (the first bank turned out to be a bit incompatible with v2).

Thanks to:

Benjamin Suthers = original Fragment and Reverse FX.

David Dayneko = Delivery inspired table sequence / random pattern selector.

Julien Caraz = Drox inspiration.

Rick Scott = Autopanner, Maestro, and logistical remains.
New rebuilt version.

Take note:

-The Qwerty (or midi keyboard) is used for note-pitched break triggering.

-The waveform window is an XY controller when in "Break Mode".

-Clicking with the left mouse button triggers a C60 note-on, the same as pressing "Q" on your Qwerty, or middle C on your midi keyboard.

-For intended results samples must be 1 bar of 4/4.



Andreas Sandberg
6 years ago
Wow! This apparatus absolutely KILLS! I´ve been looking for a machine that really does make unpredictable stuff with Your beats. Here it is! Thanks! :))
Andrew Rice
13 years ago
version 3 real soon
Chris R Gibson
13 years ago
Thanks for sharing Andrew and always look forward to any contribution by anyone based on creative play and experimentation ;-)
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
Artur Nowak, you really have got out of bed the wrong side quite a few times this week ... before you make comments maybe think first! Andrew, this is a great "sequencing" loop munger. it is a "programming" tool with randomisation as a side issue. thanks for sharing and keep them coming!
Andrew Rice
13 years ago
Perhaps I have over-reaKted. It just means now that Im not done updating it...and to be honest I always kinda thought the pattern-select randomization was a bit of a cop-out because loGjammer was sapposed to be about control, not just ease. The FX SECTION tho(not just a delay 'on top') is just icing on the cake...BUT provides many sound-shaping options. And I envy those who have the time to manually chop ~128bars of totaly-uniqe (un-repetitive) 200bpm breaks... I envy those who are amused by more 'accessible' music/drum-programming. But I dont... and Im not. I am learning other methods. I have recently fallen in love with the Renoise Music Tracker. 0900 0901 0E02 0900 0941 0E01 09F2 09F2 But untill I master that I think I will molest Reaktor a bit more.
13 years ago
Yes Andy, music is a very personally thing of feeling.
mike stacey
13 years ago
if you don't have anything nice to say.... buy reaktor......
Matthew Todman
13 years ago
I think this is a great little tool, and hope that comments like the one above dont put you off posting other instruments to the UL! Thanx
Andrew Rice
13 years ago
Cut samples at random? The only thing you can 'randomize' is the sequence selection. But if you really took the time to evaluate it before jumping to conclusions you'd find like LLC said above "you can really draw in some detailed beat with this thing." I always thought 'Music' is a thing of personal taste anyway...and I wouldn't recomend using this for Blues, Country, Folk, Childrens Music, Pop, Rock, Disco, Hiphop, New Jazz, Old Jazz, Religious, Volcal, Heavy Metal, International, Easy Listening, New Age, Celtic.... It's a Loop and Beat machine. It's fun! Oh well. I guess I should opoligize for supporting NI by buying/being an active reator builder/working my ass off and using my computer for what I intednded it for and then sharing it with the world. I am so sorry. I suck.
Artur Nowak
13 years ago
how many ensebles do we have, to cut samples at random, then filter them and put dealy on the top? This is so useless to produce music...
mike stacey
13 years ago
good stuff then, and better stuff now. the new snaps realy do show off the sound design abilities. once you slow down on randomizing everything (something i do too much) you can really draw in some detailed beat with this thing. thanks again
Andrew Rice
13 years ago
Ok there's still 2 .ens files in the zip even tho on my end I uploaed a zip with only 1 file in it. Please use "logJammer2.1" Thanks
Andrew Rice
13 years ago
Thanks to those who had left comments and votes for the previous version. Unfortunately I had to delete the previous iteration (v2) to fix an update issue so the comments, votes, and # of downloads was reset... Im done with updating this thing for now. I hope you Enjoy :-]