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granular livesampler with a small footprint

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1.0 (Updated 14 years ago)
October 06, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


this is an updated version of a live-sampler i posted to the forum recently. it is small and easy to use, yet is quite versatile. instructions are printed on the panel itself.

i don't know if graf is even a word. enjoy!



Greg Killmaster
14 years ago
Iove this. very useful. thanks!
Christian Schneider
14 years ago
..very nice little tool, thanks for sharing... btw. "Graf" is a title of nobility in German like "Count" or "Lord". If you're releasing a bigger version of it, call it "Fürst" ;)
Nicholas Czewicz
14 years ago
This has got to be the most efficient live sampler in the libary. Thank You!
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
check the structure - each button macro has an input called midi. sorry, i shoulda been mroe specific - this ensemble doesnt allow this functionality, but the macro itself does (you could hook up a knob or whatever to the macro's input).
mike stacey
14 years ago do you change the toggle value with an event? an i understanding you right, that in real time i can change the key that switched the gate/toggle? i just don't get how to do it.
mike stacey
14 years ago
i'm going to have to spend some time with this guy, but after about 5 minute, i know i like it. thanks for the work, it really inspires me.
daniel battaglia
14 years ago
sorry, i forgot to mention above - shouts out to time exile and chris list, both have insored me to build this ensemble (i borrowed an algorithm for loop 'buzzing' from tim's keymahser lite, and clists 'init bang' macro, plus the beatloops loop control overlay has a circuit also originally taken from chris list). donovan stringer - if you are reading this, please download, if not for the ensemble, than for the buttons i made, check out the dual-mode buttons for freeze and reverse, which can change modes (toggle or trigger) via input events, i think a GUI-nut like yourself may find them very useful. actually, i implore all builders downloading this to check them out, i think they are pretty cool, also note that i gave them functionality similar to a sel note gate, although you set the note via an input event, not in the properties, so you can easily change the notes used.