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Piano PP

augmented piano sample player

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1.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
October 29, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower


a by-product of a full physical model I am working in from time to time

you can load your own samples, but probably will have to change some settings and stuff in this case, it's using just a plain single layer mono sample

Features :

dynaVeloX Filtering
softHold Desimulator
phySonance Model
HiBoard-Response Architecture
schmartDampf Emulation
ARS adaptive R-strike! Logic
TTT tensedTemperTunings
virtAmbience Augmentation
OnScreen Output Volume Control Knob

but probably the best thing is : you can switch some of those options off
I've included some tweaking parameters in B view, some other parameters are hidden in the structure and can only be changed there

credits :
sample found on the net ( included for demonstration purpose only ..)
some tunings stolen from E.Meyer ( I think) , some modeling based loosely on papers by Balasz Bank, Davide Rocchesso, Gabriel Weinreich
the demo files ( if included ) were created from MIDI files by Nicolas Fogwall and Tanja Tysmans I believe -


Gogu Iulian
10 years ago
Pascal Mongenie
12 years ago
Interesting and original instrument
Pascal Mongenie
12 years ago
Interesting and original instrument ptilou
John Durbin
12 years ago
F'n Fantastic!
jace cavacini
13 years ago
This produces a wonderful sound. i am impressed. i assume it is the resonators that are modeled in this case since it is driven with samples?
Martin chem
13 years ago
very nice sound - thnx :)
Neil Austin
13 years ago
Really beautiful work. Keep it coming!
greg simpson
13 years ago
This is great; thanks for sharing.
Michael Doherty
13 years ago
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
it doesnt feel like a work in progress, honestly. the piano sounds very nice, i really love the reverb in it too, not nasty sounding at all.
gabriel mulzer
13 years ago
thanks - please also post critic or possible flaws - it's work in progress, still far from the sound and feel I am looking for
Luca Gennari
13 years ago
Another great upload from one of the most unpredictable and talented builder of the whole library. I loved klaviermodel so much... It's time to thank you for your work.
Andrew Rice
13 years ago
wow thank you... "a by-product of a full physical model I am working in from time to time" I hope you're intending on uploading this...
James Duffett-Smith
13 years ago
Haven't yet played it but from the mp3.. wow!