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pecussssion from outa Space!

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1.1 (Updated 13 years ago)
January 02, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Happy new Year!!!!!!


Andrea Angiolelli
11 years ago
i am addict to it
shawn gilbert
13 years ago
wow sounds!
Urs Baumgartner
13 years ago
Paul, to be serious: for me it's also a little strange because i don't now exactly what every knob really does. In this ensemble i tried to create a reverb but certainly it sounded like a drummachine so i added some Knobs to get more different suonds. Thats all... So just play with those knobs!!
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
thanks Urs :-)
JPaul Morton
13 years ago
Yeah, some nice sounds indeed. I know it's fairly straightforward what its doing, but some tool-tips would still be nice. And it should come with a warning for epileptics !
Urs Baumgartner
13 years ago
Hi Phil, the update is especially for you!!!!!!!
Maarten Versteegh
13 years ago
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
some nice sounds. for me it would be nice to have some lamps so i can see with of the 16ths are being played. also mute buttons for each of the 4 sounds would be great.