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Dada Glitch Synth

A terribly useless noise synth.

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1.2 (Updated 14 years ago)
February 01, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


-Please listen to the demo .mp3. It contains 5 instances of Dada along with a healthy helping of Kjaerhus's wonderful Classic Delay, Reverb, and Master Limiter...

So for my first upload to the library I present to you... a totally worthless noise synth.

One macro contains four oscillators that all run off each other. This macro is added to the signal generated by another macro, which is a typical one osc/envelope/filter. Once these are added together, the entire signal is used to run the gate on the final oscillator.

None of that really matters, though, as the sounds it makes are relatively worthless.

Actually, some of the sounds are a lot of fun to work with. Tweaking this synth ultimately comes down to randomly twiddling knobs until something happens (The only macro that always has a drastic effect is the Final Osc in the top left). As a result, I've given every macro ... unique names. Careful though... for the most part, this generator doesn't clip, but I've had to turn the master volume down to an absolutely legendary -52.

I recommend using this with a lot of delays, reverb, AND A LIMITER.

I promise to upload more useful synths in the future. For now however, my apologies. Es tut mir leid.

Hello to anyone famous.


Artem Moroz
9 months ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
James McNalley
11 years ago
Far from useless! Be sure to check out 2^7 as well.
Erik Ingmanndsen
14 years ago
I think it sounds Excellent, I know I'll be using it in some songs I'm working on! Cheers! !ERIK!
Rick Scott
14 years ago
i shall reap much from this. :-)
Michael Hetrick
14 years ago
P.S. I really enjoy your "Shortwave Musicbox" Preset. The description is quite apt. Now, I just after to record myself counting backwards over it.
Michael Hetrick
14 years ago
I'm actually kind of blushing reading that... Thank you, all.
David Waldman
14 years ago
Bravo....laughed my ass off just reading the module names. More please. I love the awfulness.
Nathan Ramella
14 years ago
While Michael plays down his effort and its usefulness, this ensemble is one of many good examples of the imagination behind ensemble creation. The name says it’s a glitch synth, which I wouldn’t necessarily agree to. I’d classify as low-fi experimental. In a bit of knob twiddling I was able to produce a variety of interesting noises that would lend to a few different genres. Ambient, Glitch, Industrial, and IDM, although I suspect it might be difficult to start out with a sound ‘in your head’ and twist knobs until Dada Glitch would produce it. File under Liberated Woman , you get what she has to offer on her terms, but you’re generally pretty happy with what you get. If you’re not afraid of a little finite monkey randomization the results were quite positive in my case, about every third crop of random settings was interesting enough to tap some notes out on the keyboard and see where it went. Contrary to the author’s recommendation that this be run through effects I ran it dry just to get a feel for its capabilities and still found plenty to enjoy. I particularly enjoyed the sense of humor and humility expressed overall, it does bring a bit of character to the synth with names like ‘LFO that doesn’t do much’ and ‘Stupid Noise Maker’ which were worth a few chuckles while I was working with it. As with most Reaktor ensembles the difference between thinking and knowing is doing. The lack of descriptive labels led me to just twist and turn to figure out how the pieces fit together. Ultimately I think hitting randomize until you find a base sound you like and then tweaking settings once you understand them is the way to go. Summary Mysterious and a bit cheeky. Wide variety of sounds but the final LFO leaves a big fingerprint on the finished product. Sounds like Autechre, Monolake, Funkstorung Verdict An interesting experimental noise ensemble. Won’t become a staple of your work, but worth having in the toolbox. I've made my own snapshots available from my webpage As well, this review is available on my blog at
Jonathan Style
14 years ago
Some of the sound are really nice. I like this.