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2^7 and 2^6

128 Pads of Synthesis Madness

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1.1 (Updated 14 years ago)
February 07, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


2^7 is a dual-oscillator synthesizer. What sets it apart is its unique method of routing and modulation.

Each oscillator contains a field of 64 (2^6) pads. Each column has its own function (i.e. one is a
waveshaper, one is a filter). At the end of each signal path is a double effects chain that allows for some incredible ambient and rhythmic textures.


The pads are unlabelled, as I believe that it is more fun to tweak blindly (also see my first experiment, the Dada Glitch Synth). Look at and tweak the included presets for an idea of how to use this synth. Also, the randomize function works very well. I actually really like this one...

The .zip file also includes 2^6, a one oscillator version of 2^7 for use with lower CPU systems. I hope that everyone enjoys this, as this is my first creation that I am proud of.

Feel free to modify and to send me suggestions. I am very new to building with Reaktor (but I've had it since Komplete 2!), so I am still learning plenty.

Version 1.1 Adds about 20 new presets, including my new favorite "Memory Pad"

-Michael Hetrick


Artem Moroz
9 months ago
Thank You VerY MUCH!!!
Paul Copeland
7 years ago
Interesting pads and a wonderful first synth. Best wishes and keep up the great work.
James McNalley
11 years ago
I like the unlabeled pads - they definitely encourage you to experiment. If you don't want to experiment, the presets are very nice to start with. The overall sound is metallic, but a different kind of metallic texture than I'm used to with FM synths.
Michael Hetrick
12 years ago
Wow, I haven't looked at this page in a while. Thanks for the great comments, guys!
Richard Lyall
13 years ago
I love this synth - it sounds like nothing else I've tried. Great with lots of reverb to create dreamy ambient spaces.
Colin Consterdine
13 years ago
Thanks so much for this Michael. The patch whistle arp 2 is enough to make this a classic. This instrument is a thing of great beauty and I will be playing with it for years. Thanks so much
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
hi michael, split the mono out to L and R input of the FX. use a double switch to switch between the fx. use the Switch 2x2.mdl for this. if you want some clarification ask in the Reaktor forum. btw, it is snapshots such as "Bells" that are really CPU hogs.
Michael Hetrick
14 years ago
Thanks for the help Phil... I wondering why the Effects chains and Synths were till CPU-enabled even when muted.I'll definitely get across to uploading the new version later tonight after I'm finished with classes. Just a quick question... How can I switch enable a stereo effect? It seems like I have to mix the stereo signal down to mono to get it to work... am I just misunderstanding Reaktor's signal flow? Can I keep the switch outside of the effect macro or will I have to move it inside? (I would prefer to keep it out of the macro in order to keep the column-based workflow)
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
ok, i have just had a look at 2.6. you could drastically reduce the CPU usage (which is massive) by putting an Audio Voice Combiner just before the first FX macro. then you should make both FX macros Mono. NB, Carbon2 is an example of this building technique. i also suggest that you split the inputs so you can explore the stereo fx. it seems a shame not to exploit stereo delays and reverbs.
David Waldman
14 years ago
Lovely. Thank you.
Michael Hetrick
14 years ago
P.S. Make sure to hit "play" in Reaktor or in your host. Some of the patches use an arp that relies on playback.