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Massive Drum

MachineDrum control for Massivelike Sampler

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das wesen
1.1 (Updated 12 years ago)
April 06, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler


I wanted to control Massive from my MachineDrum, ended up rewriting all the samplers (simple samplers) from scratch. Included is the Distortion and Filter macro from Massive. You have to add the sample maps of massive from hand to the samplers, they were to big to include.

To control the ensemble from the machine drum, connect your MD using MIDI and into the audio inputs. Then set up 6 MIDI machines on channels 1 to 6, and set up the CCs to be 15 to 20. THen channel 1 controls the Bassdrum sampler, channel 2 the snare drum sampler, etc...

I included a sample pattern and sample kit in sysex format for the machine drum.

Have fun!

PS: The mp3 is crap, because I can't record from reaktor with the recorder box without having dropouts (UB on Macbook dual core??).

PS2: F*** this upload thing, I can't include the sysex file cause it will just give me a blank page, and it says my mp3 file is not an mp3 file!??

Download them here:


Domenico D'Addabbo
6 years ago
where are samples?
josh hinden
11 years ago
friggin awesome. thanks so much...
Gregoire Rolland
12 years ago
Samples are missing for the ensembe. I can't make it work.
Gregoire Rolland
12 years ago
Samples are missing for the ensemble.