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sputnik macros v1

small collection of Event, GUI and Sequencing macros

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1.4 (Updated 13 years ago)
August 29, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


this small macro collection ranges from low-level resuable event components (clippers, counters, etc), to GUI elements, to clocks and finally high-level sequencers. the clocks in particular are useful for both proper midi syncing to hosts, as well as internal based clocks that can map tempo to a midi controller, and send midi clock data out to other midi devices.

NOTE: the macros are saved in an .ens file, because i cant seem to upload them as actual macros. a zip of the actual macros can be found on my website:

hope you all enjoy these, if you have any problems, feel free to contact me: kid_sputnik at yahoo.

have fun, and build! thanks.


Jonathan Canupp
6 years ago
Still finding use for these some 7 years later. You have my gratitude...
Mike Fonte
10 years ago
These are great!
John Kammeyer-Mueller
13 years ago
Very very nice stuff; thanks so much for this.
13 years ago
Ha ha sonictwist I thought so too! Rock on daniel!
Igor Shilov
13 years ago
gosh, i thought that you makin' some heavy metal gestures with two fingers! (i didn't recognize the cat on this picture :) ) don't worry to be young and to look young is not bad at all ;)
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
thats me and my cat. i look young.. i am young (27), but i look even younger. mike, my e-mail is my forum name, at yahoo. by all means feel free to contact me about whatever, and also you can upload these in your collection or anything else, id just be happy that people are using these.
mike stacey
13 years ago
well, you use to be my favorite reaktor builder on the planet, now, you are my favorite human on the planet. i'm going to start working on the "macro project", would it be ok to use some of your work for the beginning stages? i have a ton of question, can i use your e-mail, i'm sure i still have it around.
Jonathan Style
13 years ago
WOW! I was having such trouble with clock the last few days. I will be trying them out soon!
Igor Shilov
13 years ago
btw, just out of curiosity, is it your photo ?
Igor Shilov
13 years ago
cool. i like it. i like macros. i like to make small macros, test, debug and use them. i think nobody won't become a good builder until he/she starts to make a good well organized macro folder. reasons: 1)time economy 2)you sure that this macros works fine 3)you start to make more complex instruments
daniel battaglia
13 years ago
cool andrew, id love to see what you do with these...
Andrew Rice
13 years ago
Thank you. Already put to use.
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
actually the upload seems to have the ensemble AND the macros folder. this is going to be very useful :-)