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Amen Falter v.1.0

updated version of brakbeat re-cycler in the Falter Funk series. This uses the Beatloop Sampler.

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2.0 (Updated 13 years ago)
November 02, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
Other Test Area



The idea was to create an easy to programme breakbeat-looper/recycler that is fun and flexible to use in live real-time situations. There are 2 modes:-

1/ Programming Mode

2/ Playing/Sequencing Mode

This ensemble uses the "scene" idea that I learnt from Martin Brinkmann many years ago. Think of scenes as patches/presets that are independent to Reaktor snaps. the scenes in this ensemble, are based on the scenes structure in Lazyfish's Splitter. In that ensemble, the same knobs are used to programme a number of different scenes.

Use the PRESS ME or MIDI C3 button to select between Programme Mode or Playing Sequencer Mode.

Before you start to programme maybe try the snaps and see/hear a bit how it works.

more details:-

Programming Mode (Green borders):-

there are 8 scenes selected by the 8 buttons.

start the Reaktor clock, choose a button which will select one of the 8 scenes,

move the 4 knobs (Sample loop start, loop end, pitch and sample select), and the settings for that scene are saved.

choose another scene (by pressing another button) , and any changes to the knobs are saved for that scene.

settings can be copied and pasted to another scene.

remember you need to keep the Reaktor clock playing to hear the loops and how your knob changes, change the sound.

Carry on until you have programmed 8 scenes.

NB! Each Reaktor snap can have a different set of 8 scenes.

Playing/Sequencer Mode (Yellow borders).

The sequencer chooses which of the 8 scenes are played. you can draw in the sequencer to choose the value between 1 to 8.

the sequencer can play any part of a 4 bar sequence, use the Looper to change which part is being looped. This is fun and flexible for live playing. you can loop any of the 4 individual bars, or bars 1 and 2 or 3 and 4, or bars 1-4. the changes are quantized, so that they always start at the beginning of a bar.

Other stuff.

There are master controls for sampler pitch and sample selection. these are not saved with the scenes, but are saved with the snaps. These controls are the "masters" for pitch and sample select. the controls in programming mode act as "offsets" for these controls.

there are infos on most of the knobs etc. make sure you have your info icon active.

Please let me know if you understand how this ensemble works, I have kept it simple because I want all users to find it easy to use.

The gui is for this beta version, and is more of a tutorial gui than a sexy final version gui. in fact it does not look sexy at all ;-)

NB!  future versions will have 16 scenes, envelope controls (for gaps/silences) and maybe a reverse thing as well.

comments/criticisms/ suggestion/questions are more important than votes.

if you need to ask questions about how this works, please ask

PS thanks to Paul Woodroffe and Bernd Keil for the knobs and all of the other Reaktor builders who I have borrowed from.

PPS it is best to load this ensemble with the Reaktor clock running, as this cures a slight Reset bug which i need to look at ;-)

version updated 4th Nov 2007 has a reverse option. but more importantly, some programming bugs have been fixed.

watch out for official release coming up with more options including volume of slices and LFO


Mary Jean-Philippe
10 years ago
Really really good!!
Daniel Salomon
12 years ago
Big thanks for including a snapshot browser in the instrument window. Makes jamming less cluttered.
Haris Custovic
13 years ago
Love it Will get a lot of use!
Richard Figone
13 years ago
is there more coming? sorry, i have ants in my pants. this is like the most anticipated instrument of the winter for me.
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
thanks guys! this update is an interim one. with this version the programming is more predictable ;-) future versions will have silence options :-) laters
JPaul Morton
13 years ago
Ooh an update ! Lovely. I really like this ensemble, it is very easy to "programme" and thus to get very useable results out of. I am eager for further developments, adding the ability have bits of silence will be great.
Richard Figone
13 years ago
it begins! hi phil! thanks
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
reverse is an option for this update. the official version needs a bit of sorting, so that will happen in the next 2 weeks. that will have level controls so silences can be programmed (gating effects will be possible) also an LFO will be included for pitch sweeps.
Benjamin Hand
13 years ago
I aint tried it yet but the gating and reverse would be EXCELLENT !
David Bowes
13 years ago
Is this staying in here forever phil???(i know mine will be).Still not happy with the amount of user feedback???
Marcus Hobbs
13 years ago
Love it! This is going in my next project.
Steve Ruark
14 years ago
This is extremely useful. I'm using this a lot. Thank you.
David Bowes
14 years ago
Wish i could repay the favor phil ,i know comments are a bit hard to get hold of.Maybe next time.I'll spare you the reasons why.
Richard Figone
14 years ago
beautiful babies!
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
Hi Richard, to answer your question. i am currently using a beta Reaktor version, for technical reasons (which i don't want to bore you with), it does not make sence to reinstall R5.1.1. there has been a hold-up with the updated Reaktor (longer than i expected). until the new Reaktor version is released, i cannot upload a new version. also, the updated R5 will be for ALL the current computers and Intel Macs. i actually still use a G4.
Richard Figone
14 years ago
any possibility of a carry on with NON intel versions?
Michael Polane
14 years ago
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
when the Intel version of R5 is ready and available, i will be able to carry on with this and update AND upload. as i said, comments/suggestion appreciated :-)
Richard Figone
14 years ago
hey phil. remember when we had those talks about ballzy yet simple breakbeat machines? this is the exclamation point.
Andrew Rice
14 years ago
this is great. hope to see an 'official' release in the future.
Phil Durrant
14 years ago
thanks jamie :-) i will have a look... i forgot about the MIDI ins...
jamie berridge
14 years ago
it's worth pointing out that you can trigger the scenes in 'play' mode with external midi notes.. scene 8, however, needs midi in activated, and the midi in on the play/program button should be disabled, as they clash.. niggle aside, this - is a right laugh, as beatmashers go. instant breaks lunacy. Good work fella!