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Harmonizer / Harmoniser

An Analog-Like Harmonization Pitch Shifting Effect

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2.0 (Updated 12 years ago)
November 02, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


The latest update of my harmonization effect. I've redone the whole thing, so it now works much more effectively as a harmonizer. Also there is delay and feedback controls for fun pitch delay effects. You can shift the pitch in whole tones or finely by cents. Haven't tested this guy out with audio yet, only internal reaktor oscillators, so there may need to be some fine tuning on how it tracks pitch from audio. Either way, enjoy.

-Jenkins Jenkins

-Jenkins Jenkins


Bobby Ripp
6 years ago
Dennis Harms
8 years ago
Thsi is awesome! I use it a lot! Thanks for the upload!
Jenkins Jenkins
9 years ago
Hey Andrew. Artifacts are the name of the game here.
Andrew Halladay
10 years ago
I get an awful lot of artifacts in my sound. Even when feedback is 0. Is that intentional? I appreciate the simple interface.
Don Dailey
12 years ago
I come think of this a more of a pitch shift-delay. Trying to use it as a true harmonizer with delays very fast yield some strange, but interesting overtones, but not like one would expect from a harmonizer.
Jenkins Jenkins
12 years ago
Fine suggestions...i will work on including these things in my next update. 8-)
Don Dailey
12 years ago
Cool. I'd like this to have a fine tune for pitch and maybe a beat sync option for the delay, but it sounds great and will get used for sure.