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"Analog" Synch Oszillator(s)

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1.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
December 11, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


with a twist, that is some more knobs to turn and also some more CPU power to consume

comes in two slightly different versions
I am still investigating other solutions that dont need so much cpu and add an additional feature
but the versions here sound quite nice already so maybe some people might like them -


Jeremie Bougrain
9 years ago
awesome concept, I just dreamed of such oscillators and u made them! Whatever the cpu when an osc sounds like that u hardly need anything else... Thanks dude, what a brilliant creation!
Alex Kislitsyn
9 years ago
oszilla the hun hohoho
Pascal Santoni
9 years ago
Hello, I really love this upload ! Do you still working on it ? Thanks :)
Sandy Small
11 years ago
These oscillators really do sound amazing. Great work! It's a real shame they are not better behaved at higher frequencies, although I noticed that increasing Reaktor's sampling rate significantly mitigates the problem.
Jenkins Jenkins
11 years ago
Yeah, this is totally great. I'd love to start seeing more stuff like this in the library!!!
Ryan Dean
11 years ago
Interesting possibilites here. Thanks very much for sharing. Now, just need to find a filter and envelope that will do it justice.
Donovan Stringer
11 years ago
Wow. This thing sounds great on the lower frequencies, especially with both selected!
11 years ago
a new fresh programming style. yes the cpu is much to high but an interesting new concept. thanks herw
11 years ago
I like it.
11 years ago
err... entertain.
11 years ago
As always, your creativity and design skills enlighten and entertan.