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they called him Shark

some mods on the factory Saw oscillators

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1.0 (Updated 12 years ago)
December 16, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


some outtakes from my "Oscilla-Osziller" tests, the screenshot is not to be taken too serious -


like the core SAW AA, just with a 4 sample polyblep transition ( = further reduced aliasing ) needs slightly more CPU but its ok i think
btw the original core saw is what i consider the most reasonable solution still - but heres an alternative nevertheless ( not test much since I only needed the transition )

Oct Locked Saw :

same change, plus a different alignment
of the phase ( it's aligned at the wrapping point, something that has been requested in the forum some hours ago
I havent tested this much though hope it works )

SubOsc :

inserted an LP in the feedback loop, which allows for higher feedback/steeper edge
The Tbr parameter reflects this higher range, so its not snap compatible
( a solution that has caused some sort of flame war against the person who
originally suggested it, funny ) -

this, the polynomial and more can be found in Beat Frei's pretty good, compact and complete compendium on oscillators from earlier this year, worth reading


gabriel mulzer
12 years ago
yes the output range for the saw is -0.5..0.5, sorry - add and adder or multiply
John Kammeyer-Mueller
12 years ago
Thank you a million times over. I've redone all my trautonium synths with these and the difference is amazing, to my ears at least.
Jo Oheim
12 years ago
Hi Gabriel - thanks for this! It seems the output is a little low - I needed to multiply it with 2 to get the same perceived loudness when comparing it with the core saw osc from the lib.
max fazio
12 years ago
Really useful stuff, was helpful with my projects, thanks again for your care!!!