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Bizzare creations - Volume 2

another (un)snappy selection

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1.1 (Updated 12 years ago)
April 18, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
Other Sounds


TROUBLE MAKER = snaps for Knartz

The choice is yours...... = snaps for Pongsynth


David Bowes
9 years ago
I would just like to say that I AM VERY SORRY "The choice is yours" soundbank is not what it should be.This is either due to Native instruments incompetence with their updates(no surprise there) or it was a deliberate act of malice to ruin my soundbank. I would just like to state that i will NEVER ,EVER allow my art or music to be reliant on other peoples technology to work proper, EVER AGAIN. Reaktor does not even sound as good as it used to(no matter what synth i upload within it).Other users might not have noticed but i certianly have as i spent several years away from reaktor and was still on 5.2.2 I recently updated to 5.5.2 to find that none of my uploads now sound the same.REAKTOR DOES NOT SOUND AS GOOD AS IT USED TO.It sounds murkier,almost as if some frequencies are now missing.All of my uploads to the library do not sound as good as when i made them.They are still downloadable and enjoyable to a certain extent,but, as i said, not as good. "The choice is yours" has fared worse than the other soundbanks and i would now say that it is ruined.Once again I AM VERY SORRY, BUT IT WAS NOT MY FAULT.