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50 snaps for Tritium

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2.1 (Updated 11 years ago)
May 21, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Hello, here is another contribution to the Reaktor User Library, this time it's a soundbank of 50 snaps for Tritium by Stephan V.. Tritium is basically an emulation of a classic analogue synthesizer with some nicely made modulation possibilities and some simple and usefull effects. Most of the snaps are about using simple waveforms, since i don't like the overloaded patches of todays fashionable preset-slinging software synthesizers. The snaps are inspired by the sound of some of my myspace friends( go to "" ) and are pretty much in one line with my former soundbanks.

Finally i'd like to say that programming 3 soundbanks for 3 selected Reaktor-ensembles had much more influence on my work than collecting tons of patches for all kinds of synth before. So, see this as an encouragement and tailor your snaps for's usefull and it's fun...!

Comments are appreciated!

Greetz, Stefan

1.3 : Added the ensemble, killed the "one finger chords" ,some additional edits.


Drew Anderson
12 years ago
really nice. one of my fav ens. just got better.
Paul Harding
12 years ago
absolutely top class thanks stefan.
Liam Donaldson
12 years ago
Thanks, enjoyed these.