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50 Snaps for Weedwacker R5

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2.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
December 28, 2006
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Hello again, here is my second attempt at synthesizer programming, this time a bank of 50 snaps for Weedwacker R5. It has a similar flavour as my Rubiter work, noisy pads and athmos and some weird leads also. So take it for your next Warp-release (:)) and for your experiments at home.

Of course comments are highly appreciated...!!!

There are some small issues i discovered on this ensemble:
- the global modulation amount parameter MW is not stored properly
- when you select a snap sometimes your hear nothing, then just twist the cutoff knob a lttle, no idea were that comes from...

The fx-section here is very basic, i recommend the use of some reverb or chorus or something like that...
Have fun with it...!

A happy new year to all of you...!

To be continued...

Add 30.12...: After 70 there really nothing to say about it? No praise/dispraise at all...? Cheers, Stefan...

Update: Added the ensemble, some modifications.


Colin Sinclair
7 years ago
Amazing, more BOC inspired stuff. pleaseee
Zak Marcom
10 years ago
Great work. You make me love Weedwacker even more.
Stefan Knauthe
12 years ago
Hello, thank you for your friendly words ! Yes, i think there will be more snaps in the future, but first i'm gonna make some music myself...:-). Cheers, S.
Barry Galloway
12 years ago
I am very interested in these snaps, any chance of a version for ? I have not updated to 5.1.2. Unchecking snap and morph/rnd isolate on the global mod (MW) should allow proper snap save/recall. Also try removing the duplicate value filters on the pitch and res inputs of the filter(doesnt increase cpu use significantly, they are the macros with the Reaktor symbol) Thanks, BG.
didier soufnenguel
12 years ago
I opened this synth for the first time, to listen to your snaps, so I have very few experience. But I found them really good and diversified. My prefered are organic ambient sounds like "Christ from Scotland". Hope you will post more sounds.
12 years ago
ein schwer zu beherrschender synth, leider nicht sehr variantenreich. Du hast nochmals einige interessante sounds beigesteuert vor allem ab snap 30 neue Ideen. Vorsicht beim Umschalten einiger snaps. Es gibt einige heftige Schläge in die PA (liegt aber nicht an Deinen snaps sondern am synth selbst). Danke für Dein upload neuer snaps.