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Crossover filter - divides spectrum into 3 bands.

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June 04, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


Band Splitter.

Divides the spectrum up into Low, Mid and Hi frequency ranges.

The nice thing about subtracting the LP output from the original signal to produce the HP response is that the HP and LP can be recombined later with no phase relationship issues.

This means the input wave shape is preserved in the recombined output.


Haris Custovic
10 years ago
Seems really useful... yet to use it in my ens...
Oliver Saherwala
11 years ago
Very useful upload ! Thanx for that.
Peter Whiting
11 years ago
Thanks for your kind comment and vote Bernd.
11 years ago
This very useful. Thank you very much. Heavently fly to sound scaping.