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1.2 (Updated 10 years ago)
June 16, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sampler



Debris is a unique(? I hope) sampler with advanced mouserecording features. Instead of song position (clock) modules, I implemented some "hardcore" structure for my own mouserec buffers, so the recorded data is REALLY accurate. Be sure to check this out.

ATTENTION update 1.1 is a must have, I fixed second mousebuffer (there was no scene and copy/paste support with t16 and rtime parameters, my bad) + some more snaps to demonstrate the abilities of this ens.


Peter Ehrlich
10 years ago
very very nicely
11 years ago
This is SO awesome and fun to play with! It IS unique. Thanks
Kensuke Abe
11 years ago
So nice device! I wanted to get such a tool!
Igor Shilov
11 years ago
There's a Root parameter (by default its 60). So note 60 = A, 61 = B and so on. Use your keyboard to switch/trigger the scenes. Use Cpy Pst buttons near the "Rev" "Gte" buttons to copy/paste the entire scene. Btw, if someone has any questions/requests its better to contact me via email since I check the UL rarely.
Eivind Sivertsen
11 years ago
Fun to play with, but how do I use the ABCD slots, cpy/pst and so on? Can't see that anything is pasted here... :(
anton somov
12 years ago
amazing hhhh ;)))) XY*
Carlos Roberto Chavez Aramburu
12 years ago
this is one of the best things ive downloaded if not the best... THANKS FOR SHARING DUDE!!
12 years ago
very fun to play with! very good mouse detection as well. cheers.
ekk ..
12 years ago
Oh my god, that is the s**t! Very fun and useful to play width. I had a similar idea about "Cirkls", recording movements. But here it is. rad.
josh hinden
12 years ago
holy sh*t...another amazing upload. my favorite reaktor builder. can't wait to spend some more time with this. i'm tempted to vote 0 just to keep your ensembles a hidden secret. don't worry, just a joke :)
the Borg
12 years ago
i can't explain how much i like your work it an inspiration,pushing the boundaries of granular synthesis one step futher.amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nils Quak
12 years ago
Raymond Szwec
12 years ago
Mr. Twist you've done it again! I look forward to your uploads as they are always fun and musical. Your GUIs are always excellent.
Igor Shilov
12 years ago
btw, there are 3 snaps but 8 variants inside of each.
Ned Bouhalassa
12 years ago
Wow! Just LOVE it. One of the top of year, I'm sure. Thanks for a lovely app, sonictwist!
Igor Shilov
12 years ago
Hi guys and thanx for your nice comments:) anyway, i think its my fault, this instrument may be underrated because of lack of good snaps and its compact (small) look... yes its small, but you wont find mouserecording stuff like this in the whole library. while designing this ens, i made a couple of ambient tracks during the 10 minutes and clicking just a couple of keys on my laptop. i'll try to upload a new version with more snaps as soon as possible to showcase the REAL possibilities.
12 years ago
Glad to be the 5th to vote on this, have time to dive into it, and you get an 10 from me on the strength of everything else you've uploaded.
Kimmo Kivelä
12 years ago
Dont let the humble-looking interface picture fool you.Theres sampler/grain transformer inside and I find this very useful, actually I was looking for something like this. Good job.
Phil Durrant
12 years ago
Glad to be the 2nd to vote on this, haven't had time to dive into it, but you get an 10 from me on the strength of everything else you've uploaded.
shawn gilbert
12 years ago
Glad to be the 1st to vote on this,haven't had time to dive into it,but you get an 8 from me on the strength of everything else you've uploaded.