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Monophonic multiosc fm Synth + sequencer

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1.1 (Updated 13 years ago)
February 20, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower


I made this ensemble in Reaktor 4 some years ago, i'm still using it a lot, can't live without it seriously!! ;)
I've made a little revision for Reaktor5 and also i've filled every knob/button with all informations, if you want to understand it ENABLE TOOLTIPS!!!

Alkesynth is basically a Monophonic Synth with 2+1 oscillators and a Noise Generator. Oscillators Are both Analog and from an Audio Table, you can add new waves recording from itself, or from an external input, or just drawing it with your mouse..
Analog and Digital Oscillators are now switchable to save resources.
Now "Width" slider controls sine par and tri aswell
It has indipendent multi oscillator FM and RingModulator, a declicker, a sync Delay and a Sync LFO.
Distortion Macro is a modified version taken from "blue matrix".
Internal sequencer has 1 table for writing melodies plus 2 other assignable control tables.
There's another Special Table that you can use in 3 modes (c-64, melody and time offset).

You can control the synth by an external midi if you want, bypassing all tables, just press "Ext midi" button, or else you can write your sequence directly on tables, just press "rec mode" button. You can use it also as sequencer to control other vst/ensembles and/or instruments.

There's a custom made randomizer for all tables with some rules for the notes, trying to get harmonic randomizations.

Notes about Global Randomizing: I have excluded from randomizing the following objects: all "seq" & "length" knobs, all "random" macro, "ext Midi", "rec Mode", "Ext Wave", "rec" Buttons, "digit/anal", "dist SW", "on" Switches, "Master", "tune", "fine tune", "time offset" and "time tuning" Knobs.

*********UPDATE 1.1************
Big update!!! New Features/Changes:
-Fixed random issue, now it randoms legatoes as expected
-Optimized Random and internal gate/sync
-Changed all sequencers, totally new, with zoom and loop functions, all sequencers can be extended to up to 128 steps,you can copy/paste between snapshots and all tables are snapshot dependant now, (so you can save snapshot banks end export, no need to save the whole ensemble anymore) you need a 2 button mouse at least to use zoom and loop ability
-Fixed an issue that gives unwanted notes when using it as Midiplayer with "time offset" table enabled
-Sequencer doesn't play a legato note anymore if the one before is a muted one
-Changed timing macro, it's more precise and measured in ms
-Removed Declicker
-New 3 Stage Envelope for Amplitude with display, note that for avoid clicks you have to set a very short attack (1 or 2 ms) and very short release aswell (and gate length to about 98%).
-Improved Delay,changed hp/lp filter (it should not go in feedback with very high hp value anymore) added a Tape effect knob, a new Sequencer also for delay value and some related buttons/knobs.
-Added Delay button for table random macro.
-it doesn't fit on a 1024*768 monitor anymore :)
-Midiplayer functionality improved, saving sequences to a DAW should works better aswell.
-Added Random Button and RDN Amount knob, changed some random exclusions (mouseover random button for more info)
-Added a gate length knob, you can use it as Declicker aswell (look presets)
-Added a slidesend button for legato behaviour when used as midi player, with button disabled it should works fine even with polyphonic sounds but all note changes during legatos will be discarted, with button activated it plays slides but it will probably have note off problems with polyphonic sounds.
-Velocity Knob, You can assign this to a table to control Velocity, when Ext Midi is selected this is used to control velocity Amount (1=full range, 0=max Volume/no Velocity)
-Greatly improved tables and lfo destinations, now uses icsends and you can assign tables and lfo to nearly everything, in addition you can see corresponding knob/menu moving.
-Added invert buttons for tables (useful with some destinations)
-Added Alchemy Logo :)
-10 new preset from my friend Galex (thanks!!)

Enjoy! :)

To Do list:
- Add WaveShaper
- Polyphonic???

Known Bugs:
-due to snapshot dependant tables you cannot open more than 1 Alkesynth simultaneously on the same Ensemble.

I've changed/added some presets with the new features ;)



Daniel Danieli
7 years ago
nice discovery! good work!! thx
massimo chiti conti
7 years ago
Riccardo my Hero!!!!!
Simon Robinson
8 years ago
Exciting stuff - superb!
Ryan Dean
9 years ago
Any word on Version 2? Love this synth!
riccardo ferri
10 years ago
v2 incoming, many improvements, 1 more oscillator, many more modulations, new additive oscillator, more filters, more automation controls, kick ass sounds, stay tuned :D ensemble is now in "gold" state, most bugs has been solved, i just need some more presets then i'll release it ;)
Sean Corcoran
12 years ago
Nice work man but I can't seem to get the sync right I'm using Nuendo 3 on pc? Can anybody help?? Cheers,
Carlos Roberto Chavez Aramburu
12 years ago
this is just beautiful dude... 10!
Alessandro Gaudino
13 years ago
Nice work!!! Riccardo Ferri The best!! By Galex.........
Ryan Dean
13 years ago
This synth farts magick now. Love the guttural utterances and consonants oozing about that it conjures up. Positively Scatastic! Thanks for the spit and polish Mr. Ferri!
riccardo ferri
13 years ago
V1.0 had some issues, i'm playing with this version 1.1 since a couple of months and i've fixed many issues, if you find something that doesn't works please just report the error so i can fix it, this can be used in so many ways that it's impossible to test everything. hope it works as intended ;)
Ryan Dean
13 years ago
This synth is odd. Sounds really good out of the box, but when I try to tweak it in depth it usually goes awry. Looking forward to playing with this latest update. See if we can get better acquainted.
davide squillace
13 years ago
riccardi this is great! grazie assai
Andrew Rice
13 years ago
So good. Thank you. - Add more mod and lfo destinations - yes - Snapshot dependent tables - definitely yes!
Michael Barker
13 years ago
Fantastic - I really like this, exactly the kind of instrument I've been looking for - I will be using this alot!
Phil Durrant
13 years ago
i like this very much, thanks for sharing :-)
Christopher Soulos
13 years ago
Very very good. Just love the Ext Midi button.
Raymond Szwec
13 years ago
Great work - thanks for sharing!
Donovan Stringer
13 years ago
Nice work!