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IR Machine

IR Machine is a tool to create, alter and enhance impulse responses.

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1.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
August 06, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Sorry, no convolution, just a tool to make IRs to be used with your favorite convolution reverb plugin.IR Machine can be used to create anything from ‘real’ spaces to out-of-this-world-reverberation-experiences, although the latter will more often be the result. It is a fun addition to any convolution reverb that accepts WAV or AIF files.

With Spike, the add on for IR Machine you can even use your favorite AU/VST reverb plugin with IR Machine.

The basics:
At the start of the chain are 6 sources (2 reverbs, 2 noise generators and 2 Impulse response playback modules). Another 2 external sources can be added. Up to four of these can be send to the 4 ‘Processing channels’ and up to 2 can directly be send to the mixer through the “Direct” channels. All 4 processing channels and the two direct channels are then send to the mixer. The complete mix is send to the recorder, which records and exports the impulse response.

Each of the 4 Processing channels consists of a filter, an amplifier and a stereo panner each with their own envelope generator and LFO. The speed and depth of the LFOs can also be modulated by two dedicated envelope generators per LFO.

There is a manual in the zip file.
The mp3 file consists of two IRs created with IR machine and some simple piano notes and chords played through Logic's Space Designer loaded with the IRs.
Sorry for the lack of snapshots. The INIT snapshot is a good starting point for the creation of your own unique impulse responses, though.

Please let me know if anything is not clear.


Anton Bös
6 years ago
Thank you.
7 years ago
very cool, thanks!
Carlos Roberto Chavez Aramburu
9 years ago
this is so much fun! i havent even read the manual and you can still make it sound great
Alex Debicki
10 years ago
Sorry, haven't been around for a while. Thanks for all the comments. Jerzy, you can sample your outboard effects by sending 'spike' to the output that's connected to your outboard gear and then select the input on which the gear returns as sidechain input to the input of the IR machine. I don't know about the files missing. What are the names of the files?
jerzy przezdziecki
11 years ago
can i sample my outboard effetcs by this unit? thnx
Benjamin Eigner
11 years ago
This is extremely awesome! :)
Simon Stockhausen
11 years ago
Nice device - made some crazy IRs today - a metayphysical world opens up - convolution has so much to offer - just incredible.
Georg Fries
11 years ago
Reaktor and all of you great ensemble-builders seem never to run dry concerning new ideas. Thank you!
shawn gilbert
11 years ago
This is phenominal 10!
GG.G SakabeaT
11 years ago
just WOW:!!
Mark Mcdonald
11 years ago
What a cool idea! Thanks a lot.
11 years ago
For me this was an unexpected angle on using Reaktor. Fantastic idea - great work! Also thanks for adding an excellent manual.
Don Dailey
11 years ago
Just the thing I've been looking for. Thanks for sharing this.