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Jazzyspoon MADNESS

Another quasi-useless live machine to share

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3.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
September 17, 2008
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Updated 1/22/2016 for Reaktor 6.
Another Frankenstein from deep in the laboratory. All the parts made from other parts that were possibly taken from other parts of brilliant works by various members of this NI community. i take no credit for anything in this except for some light construction/design and a need to fulfill.

Mostly, just load the 2 samplers and tweak away. I added a small mixer on the right for live purposes. I have gotten some decent sounds out of this. Loaded a few samples, but it begs for some new sounds.

Enjoy and many thanks to you all. If these are insulting to the original designers (Zobel?), please voice up and I'll stop posting them. (I will totally understand)

All parties I could trace back to are thanked in the ens., but also thanks to the button designers out there. half of what i enjoy in putting these together is all the wonderful buttons, levers, and gizmos to add to interfaces. I project my screen on the wall behind me when I play live so people know what the hell I'm doing and I love having some flashy looking stuff (more so in my other uploads) to show off.

Hope this finds you well.

update: I tried renaming the ens to just get one item in the download.


jason pottorff
3 years ago
updated for Reaktor 6 on 1/22/2016.
Rick Scott
10 years ago
love it! i turned off the echos and reverbs (prefer a dry sound), added pitch control for sampler 2: yummy. :-)
Poncho Grady
10 years ago
You are appreciated!
jason pottorff
10 years ago
fixed it, now it's just Madness.
jason pottorff
10 years ago
okay, I see now i have to drop my name off of the beginning of these or NI will continue combining my stuff into one big zip file. This DL seems to contain the last 3 ens I have uploaded. Sorry about that.