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Wave Scope

Simple Wave Scope

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6.0 (Updated 12 years ago)
September 23, 2008
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


This allows you to view a live audio waveforms. It's meant for stereo audio input,will update it soon with switches.

Great for viewing the affect of 'compression'on a track.

Made this quickly to have something like s(m)exoscope by smart electronix. I don't like the graphics in s(m)exoscope and the view is too small.

Thanks to anyone I stole from.

UPDATED: Mono Sum/Left/Right switches added. Also a simple meter was added.

V3.1 : Added another scope for stereo per user request.

Oh, and check out for some t-shirts for music dorks if you're into that. :)


Peter Bailey
7 years ago
i got this installed and have it in a standalone reaktor with the output from my ultranova routed to it. Could someone assist me with how to get a simple sinewave out of lets say the ultranova to test it. what i see is very complex waveform all squished up despie no effects or filters.
buzby birchall
8 years ago
nice - freeze button would be awesome :)
Event Iter
10 years ago
Great , Thanks !
Julian Ray
11 years ago
Very useful. Thanks, Josh!
josh hinden
12 years ago
take a screenshot...
josh hinden
12 years ago
yeah, i don't know how a freeze would be possible this way. perhaps someone with more knowledge could chime in on a better method to go about this. i tried with scopes but couldn't get a good result (due to my lack of knowlege on scopes).
Donovan Stringer
12 years ago
never mind, the X/Y wouldn't hold that data anyways. Still, very cool!
Donovan Stringer
12 years ago
Excellent! Any chance of a freeze button?
Chet Singer
12 years ago
Wow, this is very helpful! Thanks much!
Al Watson
12 years ago
as a regular user of the s(m)exoscope i would use this a lot thanks. a stereo waveform would be VERY useful too.
Tom Cunliffe
12 years ago
nice alternative to s(m)exoscope.... I agree that s(m)exoscope's graphics are a bit painful... I used this baby last night while editing and processing an audio interview... very handy!
jason pottorff
12 years ago