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Duration SeqSynth

Sequencer with note and gate durations

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2.0 (Updated 12 years ago)
January 08, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


Updated version with Delay fix.

The intention was to keep panel size small so using stacked macros for all the main sections.
Switches on the right will reveal all.

Main features:

-Sequencer with note and gate durations
-Pitch sliders movements can be recorded
and saved with snapshots.
-Draw LFOs with slider input
-Basic synth voice with loads of modulation routings from sequencer and LFOs

Most of the panel functions have info

Operation of Pitch sliders in the Sequencer section instructions:

(While sequencer is playing)
Right mouse button click deletes recording and resets to fixed slider value.
Right mouse Button is also used to move slider without recording movements.
Left mouse button is used to move slider and record movements. The length of the recording is set by Slide Rec Len knob in bars (left indicator) and 1/16th note beats (right indicator). Clear Button clears all slider recordings.


Wolfgang Kroon
11 years ago
Oliver Saherwala
12 years ago
As good as the previous version. Thanx for that !