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Wavetable synth with Sequencer

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1.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
February 13, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is the Wavetable version of my Motorized Synth/Seq ensemble.

Same features as in "Motorized.ens" with the slider movements being recordable and the sequencer has step
note and gate duration control.

Most controls are commented with info about how to use them.

Wavetables are 8 bit with 256 waves in 16 banks.
Both Oscillators use the same tables.


Bryan Lake
6 years ago
Loads of personality! Wonderful :D
chris scott
8 years ago
Great work. Snapshot 11 alone makes this a 10 and it's talking to me ! 512MB RAM asio4all, bog standard old XP not a problem. Beauty.
gentleclockdivider .
9 years ago
those that are having crashes , changing snapsshots , probably using a bad audio driver ( mayeb asio 4 all ) Here it doesn't crash , just some zipper noise , been using edirol ua 25
sohrab motabar
11 years ago
Grrreat Device, Thanks
Canapé rouge production
11 years ago
Exellent! I like all the serie.
Jamie Maloney
11 years ago
This is the most delightfully strange synth I've used in ages.... it's utterly addictive! It just screams "Play with me!"
Synthlord D
11 years ago
Glad people are enjoying this ensemble. As far as crashes go maybe it needs a lot of RAM. I have no problem with snap change crashes but I am using Quad Processors with 5GB of RAM. Also try setting your sound card to larger buffer size.
gergely suto
11 years ago
...same happened with Motorizer already.. like as if changing snaps was a too big task, and can crash. If it does not, it gets better, like a snap you recalled already then recalls smoother.. I cannot remember other ensembles acting like this..
gergely suto
11 years ago
Changing snaps makes it crash...:(
Jason Filipchuk
11 years ago
thank you synthlord. hope you read these.
JPaul Morton
11 years ago
I've been playing with this for a couple of hours now, in tandem with Adam Hanleys GreyScale ensemble. I must say, it's a work of genius. An easy 10 from me.
Don Dailey
11 years ago
This is really cool. You really are the synthlord!
JPaul Morton
11 years ago
Wow, another one ! I feel spoiled. I Love your sequencers because they teach me about what musical notation means while i'm playing .... thanks
Tom Cunliffe
11 years ago
(system won't let me vote though... the NI site is in serious need of some TLC!)
Tom Cunliffe
11 years ago
excellent! I'm loving your "motorized" ensembles... and wavetables make me happy. Thanks for your hard work...
umran ali
11 years ago
very nice thank you very much ,like the fact that the sliders can all be used to shape the sound on the fly and that these are remembered .This allows for some interesting dynamics. NICE