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Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis / Gendyn core cell

Xenakis' Dynamic Stochastic Synthesis / Gendyn core cell

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Léon Spek
1.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
March 17, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


OK this is my first upload, i hope it goes well and some one will find this useful / fun. It's still a beta version as far as I'm concerned, so let me know if something doesn't work out.

It's a core implementation of a gendyn generator
[the dynamic stochastic synthesis generator conceived by Iannis Xenakis and described in Formalized Music ]. The core cell is based on SuperCollider source code for Gendy1 generator by Nick Collins (

There's an ensemble with some snapshots to get some idea how it sounds. And how to use it.

Outputs Non interpolated, Linear Interpolated and Cubic interpolated audio.

fHi and fLo set upper and lower frequency boundaries. fDist and aDist set the random distributions for each calculation:
1 -> Linear
2 -> Cauchy
3 -> Logist
4 -> Hyperbolic Cosine
5 -> Arcsine
6 -> Exponential
7 -> External
fDPar and aDPar: parameter for the shape probability distributions, requires values in the range 0.0001 to 1
. (Clipped internally for safety!)
fScl and aScl multiplier for the output of the probability distributions, range 0.0 to 1.0; 1.0 for full range.



Léon Spek
10 years ago
It's good to read people are enjoying it! Thanks for the compliments! More will follow... @Red I also thought of doing something fancy with my version for a few months, but I thought people in the community know how to use reaktor for themselves....
Red Wierenga
10 years ago
Nice to see this. I made a normalized durations version a few years ago. I've been meaning on doing something fancy with it, but I might as well just upload the oscillator.
Thomas Schumacher
10 years ago
Beautiful sounds in itsself - can't wait to see more uploads by that gentleman! :-)
Christopher Soulos
10 years ago
Can't Wait!
Chris R Gibson
10 years ago
Wow, can't wait :) I love it when a entry appears that has this kind of historical and technical 'rigor' applied to the concept, especially with my interests already in both Nick Collins and Xenakis's theoretical concepts. Thanks for sharing ;-)