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a granular-feedback-delay-distorion-noise toy

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3.0 (Updated 3 years ago)
April 05, 2009
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Updated for Reaktor 6.

All thanks to Peter Dines and his Very Simple Grainer. And the many others that made the little parts, too. Chime in if you recognize your pieces.

A drone maker, for sure. I hope you can find a home for this (or please take it to the next level and share!), even though I suspect many other ensembles do the same thing as this, only better. :)


Jeremy Eusebio
8 years ago
sweet! love this ensemble!
jason pottorff
9 years ago
Wow, glad to see people are still enjoying this. Thanks, Joe.
Jules Rawlinson
9 years ago
Gorgeous, may well replace gleetchlab's granular engine ;)
jason pottorff
9 years ago
Thanks, Clide and Josh. :) Olaf, you made my day.
Olaf Bubel
9 years ago
What awesome cracy sounds thx a lot 4 your inspiration, i love the feedback delay distortion sound, it drive my ears & mind totaly cracy, amaising instrument :)
Joshua Rochowiak
10 years ago
this is nice, thank you jazzy
Harold Suiter
10 years ago
awesome man thx so much!
jason pottorff
10 years ago
Thanks, Jim!
10 years ago
Very nice!
jason pottorff
10 years ago
Thanks, Rick. Glad to get a hat tip from the master of sample mangling machines. The 'holes' macro was part of the feedback delay and decided it was a nice option to keep as part of this ensemble. I should research who I nabbed that from and make sure they get thanks, too.
Rick Scott
10 years ago
very nice jazzy! i put in a sample i've used thousands of times and didn't recognize it after your ensemble had had its way with it ... thought maybe i'd loaded the wrong sample. ;-) like the holes.