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August 03, 2009
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Some of you may know me as owner of Reaktor For You community, that was kept at Livejournal. I've been writing tutorials for Reaktor users since the beginning of 2009. You're now able to download full archive of this community, that contains following tutorials:

- Basic waveforms and their modifications;
- Browsing modules: Scope;
- Building simple infinite counter using Event Core Cell;
- Core Cells - Sample Rate Clock, Sample Rate Frequency, Millisecond, Second, Minutes, Hours;
- Links, topics, sources: creating basic waveforms on core level, antialiasing problem;
- Making horizontal and vertical sliders with XY & Mouse Area module;
- Pitch & Frequency - Part 1;
- Pitch & Frequency - Part 2;
- Pitch Detection: theory, building basic pitch detection ensemble, User Library ensembles;
- Reaktor as programming language;
- Sampler Loop - setting loop start and loop length;
- Simple delay tutorial;
- Starting to work with array on core level;
- Three quick tips (hints);
- Try to keep your structure clean;
- Uniqueness of Sine Waveform;
- Using Beat Loop module: way to make your live sessions more interesting;
- Using Event Table as Sequencer.

All tutorials are in PDF format and full archive is 2.5 megabytes.

Now I've bought myself some hosting place and I'm looking forward to see you on my new page here:

Now I'm running my blog here:

Livejournal page is no valid anymore, it will only have links for my website and donate information. Please, feel free to live your comments and suggestions on my website.


Michaela Joy Russo
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Thank You so much for posting this.
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6 years ago
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6 years ago
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8 years ago
Thx Much appreciated.
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George Gyulatyan
9 years ago
Oh wow, I can't believe I've missed this one before! My hat's off to you for doing this.
Jeff Neiblum
9 years ago
There are some great tips on using Reaktor in these tutorials.
Henrique Fernandes
9 years ago
Hi! tried to check your website, but it's not working...
Fenwick Walker
9 years ago
This is a greatly appreciated resource, thank you for your time investment!
sohrab motabar
9 years ago
VVVery Useful for me, thanks a LOT
Mike Nickel
9 years ago
thanx. Much appreciated. I just got Reaktor yesterday and the functionality is still overwhelming and daunting in its complexity. Great that there is so much support and inspiration out here. now back to the manual .... :-)
Fabio Sirna
9 years ago
Exatly what I was looking for!thank you so much i was getting mad!!!
Swaroop Kishore
9 years ago
thanks for the tutorials. so much to read.
Carlos Roberto Chavez Aramburu
10 years ago
you make me feel smarter with this thank youuu!!
Aleksandr Smirnov
10 years ago
I remind you that I've just launched this blog: You'll find new tutorials there. Thanks!
Claude Young Jr
10 years ago
Thanks so much!!!
Georg Fries
10 years ago
Outstanding, thank you!
Aleksandr Smirnov
10 years ago
My pleasure!
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10 years ago
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10 years ago
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