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mimumachine mini.lite 1.1

deadbeatz+ = the glitchbeatnoizemachine

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1.0 (Updated 10 years ago)
August 19, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Sequencer


the mimumachine (deadbeats+) = 7 slot noizegraindubmnml-sample-sequencer - original concept and .ens based on: deadbeats!

this version doesn't contain any samples and snapshots, we'll soon upload a version containing a 'few' sounds and a 'few' snapz on our own server because if NI librarys uploadsize-limit. meanwhile, start experimenting with your own maps and enjoy. no instructions available yet, sorry. we might provide soon a short vimeo-video-tutorial showin' you how to start something from scratch...

based on the original deadbeats.ens a slightly modified version using and abusing mashed macros of these reaktor-wizards: x/y-faders (peter dines), buttons (bernd keil), echoperplex (dieter zobel), fx (joachim schneider), stepsequenching (peter dines), scope (josh hinde), gater (eric le guenan), (clap-synthesiz (martin brinkmann - lvd 2.1), cpu-optimisation + mimu_circlz + coremixer + bugfixing: SonicTiwst!

.ens-mashed & samples: der einmeier & mary ovenbroed in nov/dec.2008 + jan/feb/mar/apr/mai/june 2009 -

use the stacked macro index above the glitch_fx_units to access several pages containing:
* glitch master effect units
* several reverb-, delay- and stretch-fx per channel
* some eye candy / levelmeters
* a view of structure of this lil' machine
* several pitch sequencers triggerin' different channels
* an ultra-cool randomizin' engine
* some step-length-sequencers &
* some notes and infos 'bout this machine
* more weird things like .. the CIRCLZ-effect...

/ this is a cpu-hogg ,-) - but so much FUN to explore. enjoy!


David Coffin
3 years ago
Delightful! Deep indeed, and needs maps added, but then, wonders are but a RANDOMIZE away (in the snap panel, as well as in the ensemble's amazing macro stack)>thanks!
Der Einmeier
6 years ago
@Johan, there's a version with plenty of patches, but it's simply too huge for the library since it contains a big amount of more or less 'private' samples i do use for my own productions - and honestly, the real fun begins as soon as you import your own maps and tweak a lil' bit this and that for yourself: after importing the maps basically there's a need to adjust the min/max-knob for the sample-selection and then it should do the trick. this pretty complex machine is simply not made for the lazy preset-seekers, i have to admit ;-)
Johan Brodd
6 years ago
With more default patches this might be more useful.
8 years ago the link is okay
Robert Dukes
9 years ago
Aphex Twin has to do with this tool? woow! I will download it in a minute! I love Reaktor 5 and I love Native Instruments - for changing my life in a very positive way! I have no luck by girls - but Reaktor 5 saved my life in this case! My life makes again sense. Thanks to Native Instruments. You are the best ones! My heart is full of love for you all! :-)
ekk ..
9 years ago
made some pretty dope.."minimal" with this thing. Narling techno maddness. fun to mess with. A+
gianluca Stefanelli
9 years ago
same for me ,the link did not work
Der Einmeier
10 years ago
@chazz, that's weird; i wonder myself if phil durrant had/has same issues? if you're a lil' bit patient, i'd like to offer an u/l on my own server, so just send me an email ( at technosluts dot net) and probably on friday you'll have mail. maybe i'll include the .maps and 90+ snapshots for you as well. ;-) deal?
Jesus Gonzalez Baez
10 years ago
can't download it, a window pops and texts "internet explorer cannot open file, either the link is no longer activer" or i can't recall what other things it said.
Der Einmeier
10 years ago
isn't this his aunt ..? or did i mix up the pictures of his very private and intimate flickr-album..? ooops!
Gregory Wells-King
10 years ago
That's Richard D James's mum isn't it?
Der Einmeier
10 years ago
bertrand, you're welcome. ;-) it just took some more time to fix minor bugs and to create a HUGE bunch of very different and new snapz: the version containing the samples and snapz will be up pretty soon, meanwhile we're preparing a short videotutorial since the .ens isn't that self-explanining. :-)
Bertrand Antolin
10 years ago
I thought this wouldn't shows up in UL :) Thanks Einmeier !
Simon Stockhausen
10 years ago
Joseph Schill
10 years ago
Thank you.. Very cool tool for making beats.
Der Einmeier
10 years ago
phil, ouch :-/ - i just downloaded and unzipped it (osX), the included .ens started properly; anyone else experiencing troubles..?
Phil Durrant
10 years ago
link didn't work for me :-(
Der Einmeier
10 years ago
// snapshot jam