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FM/RM Drum Synth

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1.3 (Updated 11 years ago)
September 03, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower


An 8 channel FM/RM/subtractive drum synthesizer. Channels are mapped to notes 48+. Good for all sorts of blip, cracks and deep bass sounds.

Meant to be used in a host, as there is no sequencer attached. Should be easy enough to add one if you want.

Needs some snapshots, but it is easy to use.

1.2 - fixed wierdness when triggering with notes w/o note off messages.

daniel battaglia/kid_sputnik at yahoo dot com


Jose Valdez
3 years ago
what does it mean Channels are mapped to notes 48+?
Dennis Harms
9 years ago
Fons Brinkhuis
11 years ago
10/10! really works for me cause it is not packed with so much functions, and offcourse great sound, already got some highly usefull sounds from it! thank you!
11 years ago
really usefull and eazzy to use, thx a lot... :)
Richard Bull
11 years ago
Yeah, lovely stuff...thank you :)
Frank Hassas
11 years ago
Sebastian Wolf
11 years ago
great drum tool
gergely suto
11 years ago
Really cool one, Daniel! Nice to have you back, by the way;)
daniel battaglia
11 years ago
Zachary, that makes me very happy to hear that! Glad you liked it.
Zachary Horváth
11 years ago
This just got me out of a creative block. Thanks!
jason pottorff
11 years ago
I'm having a blast with this!
Laurence Ketchin
11 years ago
Really nice ensemble. Cracking sounds, clear interface. Im going to use this.