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Elektron SPS-1 CC# mappings

CC# mappings for Machines 1 through 4

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1.1 (Updated 11 years ago)
October 30, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Here is an updated version of what I'm working on. Each instrument transmits MIDI CC messages to the Elektron SPS-1.
Obviously, you can tweak the snapshots within Reaktor and apply it to any machine drum kit. Saving space and providing lots of variation. Enjoy! What would you do differently? Anything not making sense?


robbie martin
11 years ago
it would be hard with so little room but some labeling of what each parameter does abbreviated would be nice, otherwise it's hard to know without a manual in your lap.
Phil Durrant
11 years ago
have you asked on the Reaktor forum?