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Another sound mangler / lo-fi vinyl chopper

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1.3 (Updated 3 years ago)
November 28, 2009
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


Nothing too original, just another machine from my live sets updated slightly for the UL. Just replace the loop or input a live feed (recommended) with the clock started and away you go.
Big thanks to all those who put the little parts of this machine together (Dieter Zobel, Rick Scott, J. Styles, Joe Orgren, jopyjopyjopy, and many others).
I can only take credit for some light construction and a need to fulfill.

edit: I believe I fixed the bugs out of this. But if not, it only adds to the random/glitchiness of this machine's charm, imo.

More to come.


jason pottorff
3 years ago
updated for Reaktor 6 1/22/2016
year zero
8 years ago
awesome ens......grazi!!
Sebastian Wolf
9 years ago
Nice Tool
jason pottorff
9 years ago
Glad it's working well for you, Oxygen 05. Really makes my day.
Oxygen 05
9 years ago
Really good ensemble ! Adds a little touch of unexpected glitches to live audio (works well with percussions).
jason pottorff
9 years ago
Thanks, guys. @johann, the vinyl-style hisses, pops, and lo-fi crackles were really what made this worth uploading, imo. (big thanks to Joe Orgren's work for that aspect). I needed something like this for a remix I was working on and it worked like a charm. :)
9 years ago
Thanks Jason
John Kammeyer-Mueller
9 years ago
Nice stuff Jason, really liked using this with live audio. The unexpected drop ins, hisses, and glitches make it especially interesting to interact with.