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eXperiment II

eXperiment II

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Rick Scott
1.1 (Updated 11 years ago)
December 24, 2009
Reaktor 5 or lower
Instrument Other


eXperiment II tests whether THOUGHT can change physical reality by having you use thought to control one of 12 simultaneously sounding harmonics.

the frequencies of the 12 harmonics are fixed. but their amplitude and panning change independently based on the output of a set of random number generators.

your goal: use THOUGHT to get the random number generators to play one specific harmonic louder than the others and centered in the stereo field.

1. click randoMize (view A) to reseed the random number generators.
2. use the pLay list to select and listen to one harmonic to get it in your ear.
3. select harMs 1-12 to listen to all harmonics.
4. THINK your harmonic louder and centered.

persevere. :-)

p.s. even if you don't succeed in controlling your harmonic with thought, it's a great listening exercise to be able to home in on one harmonic that's surrounded by 11 others.


Wayne Morris
11 years ago
Hi Nick I like your drift; you need an input. Take a strand of your hair, cover it with conductive glue across terminals of an RCA plg, EQ and amplify about a million times with op-amps. Feed the signal into your audio line-in. Have fun. Wayne Morris
11 years ago
simple: Thomas is thinking ;)
Rick Scott
11 years ago
please share details. :-)
Thomas Schumacher
11 years ago
It worked.