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Random Sine Clusters

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January 17, 2010
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Here is a little toy I built. It is an experiment with randomly generated sine waves and GUI design.

The pitch, pan position and amplitude of the sine waves can all be randomized. All randomization is based on MIDI in information. So press a key and watch the show.

Quite a nice device for sound effects.

You can change the number of partials by changing the polyphony of the instrument.


Paul Copeland
6 years ago
Great sounds and very easy to use. Best wishes and keep up the great work.
7 years ago
nice scifi sounding one. when reverb is of and i trigger notes via keyboard it crackles a lot, maybe you can fix it. thx a lot!
Dennis Harms
8 years ago
Awesome GUI and sounds! Thanks for the ensemble!
Alberto Zin
9 years ago
Evocative, nice sounding. Clean interface and immediate control. Brilliant gui. Thank you for sharing it.
Matthew Jackson
10 years ago
I love it! I've started making a pad synth out of it that gives random tendencies toward certain harmonics. I'm then going to tune the Reverb according to the incoming pitch and add a spread formant filter. We'll see if I have time :( Very Tron!
Gennaro Giugliano
10 years ago
very intresting projekt,many thanks
Oliver Saherwala
10 years ago
Great ensemble. Sound, idea, programming. Excellent. Thanks for that.
Shai Levy
10 years ago
Adam Hanley
10 years ago
Damn, I was going for more of a Tron feel. Peter...your comment just gave me an idea...
Peter Ehrlich
10 years ago
I love this! Makes me feel like I'm on the set of 2001. More! I wonder if you could turn the randomizers into an effect type ensemble?
Peter Ehrlich
10 years ago
Very nice...clean