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SupaGator V1

Gives bite to your gated sequences!

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ian taylor
1.0 (Updated 11 years ago)
January 30, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
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This is a little tool for those who love gating effects, with 3 selectable gate channels, gate envelope and built in filter with voltage control its capable to derive many different types of gated effect from this unit. Hopefully no instructions are needed - most of the controls are self explanatory, a bunch of snapshots are included to give you some ideas. Feed it with an audio input of your favourite sound source or replace the inputs with a Reaktor ensemble. Hope you like it :)


ian taylor
11 years ago
I like building ensembles that could exist as hardware - sure I could of used menus, stacked macros etc. but I like 1 control for each function. Thanks for the suggestions, dependant on what im building at the moment I might spend a bit more time onthis when I have some. I didn't realize it was so big - i've recently got a laptop with a very high resolution and it looks a good size on that!
Kimmo Kivelä
11 years ago
Nice idea. Could do stuff like sidechain and beyond it. When I tried it felt a bit too complicated for such issue.
11 years ago
I like it!
Don Dailey
11 years ago
Nice one. I have a couple suggestions for later versions... ability to lock L/R Amp controls, value window for No. of Steps, GUI that fits a 15" monitor :-)
ian taylor
11 years ago
You're welcome! I might do an updated version of this at some point as there are a lot of features I could add, the design I wanted for this was a nice clean GUI with simple operation and intuitive controls, its actually a recreation of something I did years ago and lost along with various other ensembles and general data.
sky 1
11 years ago
Thank you.