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Imperial mundi

Harmonium mundi Synth

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1.0 (Updated 9 years ago)
May 02, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower



I would like to transcribe in a synth the Harmonium mundi values...

it contains:
-1 Multi Osc associed to 1 pitch shifter "harmonized"
-1 Noise Wah
-A sequencer mode, or synth mod.
-1 Kleinstein phaser associed with 2 Phaser-flanger.
-1 Space master & 1 Spacedrone Reverb.
-1 Screen for see many Organic forms.

I hope you like that... C U!!


Adam Anderson
8 years ago
woah, this thing is fun!
Mary Jean-Philippe
9 years ago
Thank you Phil, me too :D
Phil Durrant
9 years ago
loving your uploads :-)