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Wobble Bassline analog Synth

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3.3 (Updated 9 years ago)
May 05, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower



Final version, here!

I would like to create a Bassline, Fidget & Dubstep Synth.

This is the combinaison between two existante synthetiser:
The "wobble synth" by Radian sound lab
the "dirty bassline" by Pierre andré Soulier

Wobble synth is for the lead
dirty bassline is for the bass

In this update:

3 General knobs:
-speed lfo in sync mod (dub step performances)
-Mod in negative>zero>positive

1 Level per unit.
Filters link it's ok!!! (G cut)
Modulation Matrix on B side With:
2 EG envelop
1 Additive LFO
1 Comb +/- Filter

Enjoy !!!!


sean witherspoon
7 years ago
let the bass play baby
Mary Jean-Philippe
7 years ago
;) i finish my last synth (like massive, zebra and razor) i will sell it by a label (Audioporn) Very soon!!!!!!
Stephen Clarke
7 years ago
This is incredible. A little processor intensive, but i get the sound i want, commit to it, bounce it and i'm a happy bunny. Stable part of my setup now. Awesome for nasty Atmos'. THANK YOU!
Daniel Leal
8 years ago
Ouatch , ce synth fait très mal !!!
year zero
9 years ago
oh yeah. thanks so much
Richard Verhoeven
9 years ago
I must agree with eric, i'm rating this a 10. thank you so much for this wobbler
Eric Curkendall
9 years ago
Killer and unique sound to this synth. I'm suprised it hasn't gotten higher ratings. Superb!
Scott Nixon
9 years ago
Tasty Wobble Basses
Mary Jean-Philippe
9 years ago
now it's ok !!! CU
Mary Jean-Philippe
9 years ago
Thanks for your comment, you're right, i'm work on this for the next version, with 2EG envellope, one additive lfo and a matrix for the news macros... C U !!
Al Watson
9 years ago
i like this. what would be really helpful would be a link switch to link the filter sections, so moving one filter knob would move both. you could do this under midi i suppose, but it would be quicker for the user just to put a link switch in.