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Aural Exciter

Easy-to-use standalone Aural Exciter

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1.2 (Updated 9 years ago)
May 30, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
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Here's an easy-to-use standalone aural exciter. It has only three knobs: tuning, saturation drive, and final mix.

It extracts treble frequencies, compresses them, runs them through an asymmetrical soft saturator, and then mixes them back into the original signal.

To try it out, set the Tune knob to the default setting, adjust the Harmonics knob until the meters are solidly in the yellow, and adjust the Mix knob to mix in the desired amount of excited signal.

I want to thank Jonathan Style for creating the the skin and all of the controls.


ian ainslie
2 months ago
Rulgert Ghostalker
10 months ago
used this processor on "Mob The Floor" my policy is to compensate for devices i use, if i could be provided a paypal
Nina Cording
2 years ago
Exactly the sound I was looking for :)
Marek Zaris
5 years ago
absolutely stunning processor. make native plugin version and rock!
John Robertson
6 years ago
Really well made, great sounding, useful and excellent GUI. Thank you so much.
Daniel Hogan
8 years ago
Amazing. Thanks.
John Mullins
8 years ago
So well done! Perfect for restoring high frequencies in a sample after pitching them way down.
Miro Pajic
8 years ago
Really good! More of these types of tools please :)
Michael Barker
9 years ago
I like this -- I wonder if it could be modified to extract other frequencies (lows or mids), or even to respond dynamically...
s millward
9 years ago
Excellent! In my opinion the absolute best of its kind in the Reaktor user library. The tune dial gives you hard edge excitement to the left and soft excitement to the right. Crunchy or smooth. The GUI is simple and elegant but there is an awful lot going on under the hood. Thanks!
9 years ago
Very nice
max graham
9 years ago
9 years ago
I will use it, Chet