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3osc mono, poly, unison synth.

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2.2 (Updated 8 years ago)
April 07, 2007
Reaktor 5 or lower


update V1.1 Notes:
there was a serious error in v1.0! the audio voice combining was twice, one in the output module and one in the main istrument. this leaded to strange behaviour when changing the nr of voices!
Now the synth is not too loud anymore. i´ve changed the presets giving the osc mixer more volume. funny enough it took me hours to find this error:)
beside this i´ve changed the fm thing a bit...

3osc mono, poly, unison synth.
first osc has 61 waveforms from virus (thanks to Stephan V.).
2 multimode filter serial, parallel.
3 lfos, 2 mod envs and two pattern generators for modulation.
fx-section with chorus, phaser, sync echo (phaser center frq can be controlled via mod matrix).
pwm, simple fm and sync possible.

you can modulate the second lfo´s speed, waveform, width and phase via the other sources.
check that out!
some other features...

i did this mainly for getting a fat unison synth with wide (maybe too much?) modulation possibilitys.
it might need some time to get used to the slightly overcrowded panel, but i think it pays back.

there are still some annoyances with unison (mainly with pan-spread. its not distributed even on both sides)
but my knowledge of this is somewhat limited. help on this would be appreciated.

it would be great, if someone has the time, knowledge and software to design a nicer panel!

i used a lot of nice macros i´ve encountered over the time and put them together in this synth, so lots of credits go to the authors of this macros: Stephan V, the "classic-modular" -authors from NI, martin brinkmann , Erik Wiegand, and many others!

best regards


Jochen Frehse
9 years ago
There is no download button..*crying*
11 years ago
Very nice Bass synth.
hell woooda
12 years ago
when I click on the download link I get some traktor page here, and nothing else
John Durbin
12 years ago
Awesome, great synth for DUB Bass
Michael Brown
12 years ago
I'm really liking this synth! Especially fooling around with the wavetable stuff. (I modified the copy on my harddrive to use "best" interpolation for the sampler, and it boosts the quality in the extreme highs and lows)
Daniel Mondry
12 years ago
öhm. there is an error in th V1.0! i´m uploading a new one!! sorry... dan
Nils Quak
12 years ago
great synth. cheers
Kimmo Kivelä
12 years ago
Good fat "king synth" sounds.
Phil Durrant
12 years ago
very nice indeed, i am going to enjoy programming this!
Stephan Becker
12 years ago
Nice one!