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Phase Distortion Oscillator (Core)

CZ-5000 Phase Distortion Oscillator

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2.1 (Updated 10 years ago)
September 02, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


I tried to "rebuilt" the oscillators from the CZ5000 Cosmosynth from Casio, which is actually a phase distortion synthesizer.

It uses a ramp-oscillator that runs through a sine shaper.
The ramp can be distorted in different ways, which can result in various timbres.

Everything is made in Core and I at least tried to reduce aliasing but I think it sounds good. It still got no Sync or FM. Im gonna try to implement that later. I even tried to reduce the cpu-usage as far as I can. But it is still a bit hungry.

The CZ5000 Button enables a highpass-filter, which makes the waveform looks like its from a CZ5000.

This is my first upload to the UL and my english is not very good, so please just be kind. Hope you like it.

Changes in v2:

- the sawtooth now sounds a bit more like a sawtooth.

- 2 envelopes are added in the test ensemble. One for the amplitude (DCA ENV) and one for the phase distortion amount (DCW ENV)


Diego Callegari
6 years ago
thanks, very useful
CC lines of the acid
9 years ago
I will use it. Thanks great work
Benjamin Poddig
10 years ago
Okay. this was an easy one. Use an audio-smoother instead and mix it to the [PD]-input. Its also better to reset the oscillator by a gate signal to avoid noisy transients. I will upload a fix for that these days.
Benjamin Poddig
10 years ago
I really would like to fix that. But I don't notice any zipping noise, while using them. How do you use the oscillators? Where do you put the event smoother?
gentleclockdivider .
10 years ago
LOve it , but still some zipper noise , I wonder if this is a flaw in the core structure Like I said before , event smoothing reduces it significantly but it's still audible
10 years ago
Some way to go but a great start. keep updating and this is going to get used more and more
Jenkins Jenkins
10 years ago
You are my new favorite Reaktor programmer. Mucho graci!
Benjamin Poddig
10 years ago
Thank you very much for your feedback. Im stuck with Reaktor since one year now. From that I've built no serious synth to play with or to make music with. I didnt even made much music. All I have now, is some oscillators I want to share with you. And for myself, everytime I try very hard to build a synthesizer out of that. Just looking forward to that day.
John Bleech
10 years ago
Thanks for this. I hope that you will develope into into a full-blown synth.
Sandy Small
10 years ago
Outstanding work, sir.
10 years ago
.. scuse me while I kiss the skies