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Kinderklavier toy piano model

accurate physical model of a toy piano

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1.2 (Updated 9 years ago)
September 21, 2010
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a little exercise in modeling and a study of model parameters and material properties on perceived tonal quality

it also demonstrates the tonal difference between synths like Steampipe and Prism and true physcial models with physically informed parameters and physical interaction forces

this study is part of a larger project that aims to cross borders between these different concepts

includes a simplified magnetic pickup and a reverb


Marco Baiotto
5 months ago
so great, many thanks
Bálint Baráth
5 years ago
Wow, I love it!
8 years ago
Very good sounding, thank you.
jace cavacini
8 years ago
this is a very accurate reproduction. thanks for sharing it. my only recommendation is to add a limiter to the signal path near the output stage so that it doesn't clip (and the user need not manually adjust output volume or add a limiter themselves).
Trevor Gavilan
9 years ago
Peter Dines
9 years ago
Now there's a sound that takes me back a few years. You really nailed it.
9 years ago
Danke schön.
Phil Durrant
9 years ago
great to have you back Gabriel, you have been missed,
gabriel mulzer
9 years ago
thanks Jim for spotting this it's corrected now
9 years ago
I think there is a wiring error in the Partials macro in the three connections from the B macro to the tone rod quality switch. The 'ideal' parameters are connected to the 'pure' parameters. A nice demo of the modal banks!
Kriz Di
9 years ago
please, MORE !!! I very miss for your ensembles !