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MIDI interface for the TETRA

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1.1 (Updated 11 years ago)
October 16, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower
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TetraCon is a stripped-down MIDI interface for the TETRA hardware synthesizer by Dave Smith. The TETRA uses both CC and NRPN commands to control its internal circuits.

There is no MIDI feedback from the Tetra Hardware device. This ensemble is meant to control TETRA in place of the hardware device. You can assign external MIDI controller to any of the knobs, or use your DAW's automation to control the TETRA this way.


Kim Joris Boström
10 years ago
Hi Morten, sorry for the late reply! I wasn't looking into this forum for some time... Program change is transmitted by the PROGRAM field. Just double click it and enter some value, or drag the mouse over the number field. Same with the BANK field. If the ensemble doesn't transmit these on startup, you simply drag the field fore and back, or enter some value. It *should*, however, transmit these on startup.
Morten Wagner
10 years ago
Nice one! A simple question, though (i'm very new to Reaktor) - how do I get this to transmit stuff like program change and volume to the tetra upon load? I'm running 1.3 on the tetra..