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Hammy 91

Modeled Hammond B3 organ with 91 tonewheels

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1.1 (Updated 9 years ago)
October 18, 2010
Reaktor 5 or lower


This is a model of a B3 Hammond organ.

It contains 91 modeled tonewheels and is fully polyphonic.

It includes calibrated drawbars, harmonic foldback, percussion, key click, overdrive, a scanner, and a stereo simulator.

The drawbars are calibrated in 3dB steps, just like a real Hammond. So if you have a registration you like, such as 88 8000 054, you can just match the drawbars in the ensemble to the numbers in the registration.

The snapshots include the complete sets of Standard and Theatrical Hammond presets supplied with the original instruments, both Great and Swell, two complete sets of presets designed by organist Paul Schnellbecher for church and recital work, and a handful of others.

This replaces my earlier Hammy ensemble, which used a 9-oscillator-per-voice synthesizer architecture instead of modeling individual tonewheels. I was never happy with the oscillator phase cancellation in that instrument. This new version fixes that, at the cost of significantly more CPU resources.


Lars Bo Hermansen
5 years ago
Thanks. A nother fine ensemble from you Chet. However this one seems to have a little flaw. I can't find the acceleration to the rotor. It goes on and of, but directly without acceleration and deacceleration. You usely have these details in place. Still a high end ensemble.
Paul Copeland
5 years ago
What an awesome instrument. Thank you for taking the time to create a sound that is so close to the original that it is 99.99% identical. Well done indeed.
CC lines of the acid
7 years ago
CC lines of the acid
7 years ago
Heck of a lot eats cpu, but the sound is worth it. Good job . Thank You!
Michael Stocker
8 years ago
Great Instrument. Thanks! Definite 10 (voted 9 by accident, sorry)
Chet Singer
8 years ago
Yes, turn the Speed knob in the Scanner section. And thanks for your comment.
Kenny Santillan
8 years ago
Sounds great, I may be missing this but, Is there a way to control the speed of the rotor? But...Very Nice !
Trevor Gavilan
9 years ago
Thank You for Sharing! I really loved what you did for the oscillator section.
Gennaro Giugliano
9 years ago
Hi Chet,thanks for your share free instrument :)
greg simpson
9 years ago
nice. excellent work.
9 years ago
Excellent sound
9 years ago
Thanks, Chet.